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It’s time

Time to get back to some of the things I love.  Time not to get sucked into admiring the creativity of others at the expense of my own.  Time to let go of what isn’t and have fun with what is.  Time to bloom.

In other words, time to bloody well post something on my poor long-neglected blog.

I am planning to teach a parent-child knitting class in the coming weeks.  Not mother-daughter, parent-child.  I would love for you to bring your son, and I would love for any dads who are interested to come too.  Age limit for the kids is five and up – I find that although they can certainly learn before five, that’s the age where they really have the patience to sit down to more than a few stitches at a time.  I am looking at a couple of dates, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll make a mailing list for updates.


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Little Owl’s Mittens

“Pattern” – my own. She loves them. I wish I’d done them a bit differently, but, as I said, she loves them. And as a four year old from Texas, does not yet have sufficiently established ideas about mittens to notice that the thumbs could be a bit better.

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Our autumn nature shrine is starting to get a bit out of hand.

I think Little Owl may share my love of this season.

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Every season, we keep a little nature tray of the treasures we find. And at the end of each season, we give these treasures back to Mother Earth, placing them in Little Owl’s secret place in the garden. We figure the fairies probably like that shaded and hidden space as much as she does, and that they appreciate the offering. The moment we realize a season has ended is always exciting. I especially love the shift to spring. During this season we honor birth and renewal with the spiraling snail shells and the feathers we find in our garden.

We’ve already started gathering little bits of beauty for our spring altar, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we will come across for the rest of this lovely season.

Spring Nature Altar

Little Owl’s newest prized possession is this vintage Japanese toy teapot we found at the antique mall. During the day it held these feathers – but by bedtime she had reclaimed it so that she could hold it while she slept.

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