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Whoo whoo

Little owls for my Little Owl. I finally, finally finished this blanket for her. Took me long enough! I used flannel instead of batting, and kind of cheated by just using a big bias tape maker to make the binding.  But she loves it, and it’ll be perfect for taking to the farmers’ market and for picnics and things.


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Look at this adorable little Alice!  I was tickled pink when her mama asked me if I could make an Alice in Wonderland costume for her, and although I wasn’t able to put together quite what I wanted, I was pretty pleased with the end result.  I did the dress and petticoat and she got the pinafore from Etsy I believe.  Little Miss seemed quite comfortable in it, and the petticoat stayed on.  And when sewing for a preschooler, those are my two main requirements.  So I considered it a success!

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I am on such a twirly skirt kick. I’m sure it will pass soon.

This is her Valentine’s Day skirt – butterflies, hearts, and calaveras.  Sounds about right to me.


She loves it but to tell the truth it falls short of what I was envisioning. I wanted to do a super flouncy patchwork kind of a deal, but it wasn’t happening in the time I had.  But I can’t really complain when she comes dashing in and sits in my lap as I sew, then says, “Thank you for making me this very beautiful skirt, Mama.” 


This was another photo shoot that turned into a fairy dance.  To the surprise of no one.

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Twirly Girl

Sweet wild one,


Twirling through life,


My dancing fairy,


Leaving smiles in her path.

These are SOOC – I had planned to just take a few quick shots of the two new skirts I made today, but she wanted to have a fairy dance. So I snapped away as she swirled. The last one is my Best Shot.


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This is the first dress I made for the tot in our thrifty extravaganza. It’s just an XL polo-style t-shirt with the sleeves shortened and the whole thing cut down a bit. I didn’t have to change the collar at all. It’s quite long, which she loves. Sorry the picture isn’t better, she was jumping and spinning kind of a lot.

This is the second. It’s from a red skirt with a yoga waist. That’s what that’s called, right? At any rate, I did absolutely nothing but cut armholes right below the waistband, then tie the back with some ribbon she picked out. I may go back and attach some elastic across the back to keep it from sliding down. But she certainly didn’t care, and if I get some nice black ribbon it would honestly look pretty cute. Again, lots of spinning.

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This afternoon, while the tot did not even come close to taking a nap, I used up some thrifted t-shirts I’d had sitting around for a couple of months. I do this really clever thing where, as a delaying tactic, I go get supplies for a project I don’t really have time for and am usually not actually interested in doing. (I bought these to make some scarves I didn’t want or need when I should have been knitting armwarmers.) Then I don’t do the project and the supplies sit around and mock me for a while until I give them away or screw them up somehow. But for once I actually got something good out of them.

The tot was desperate for some more diapers for her dolls. I’d been wanting to do these for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to it. I see such beautiful work that people do for little things like this and felt bad not to do the same. Then I thought, my three year old wants doll diapers. I can agonize about workmanship, or I can march into the craft room, wave some fabric and scissors around (I’m picturing the Swedish Chef here) and then do something with the sewing machine, and two minutes later, hand her a doll diaper. That sounds like more fun.

So that’s what I did. It was awesome. She asked for another, then one for the bigger doll. Then a dress for the doll. Then a diaper bag. Then a sleeping bag. Then a dress for herself. Then another dress for herself. And I just sat there doing my Swedish Chef routine with the thrifted fabric and scissors and sewing machine, handing her all this fun stuff. It made her day. And mine too.

She sees me do plenty of things beautifully. When I knit, I get it right. Even if it takes a lot of tries. She will learn that lesson of perseverance, of craftswomanship, of the tiny details. It doesn’t hurt for her also to learn the lesson that sometimes it’s ok to just do it, dive in, have fun, don’t worry about those messy threads. And if she learns that lesson from watching me make doll diapers from thrifted shirts, well, I’ll just be as happy as a pig in an orchard.

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Quilts and Messes

Finished the four doll quilts for the tot’s school today. I put a new blade on my rotary cutter and it pretty much made my week. Honestly, what’s with that? Just change the blade when it’s used up. It’s kind of like when I cut open the bottle to get the last speck of lotion out. Frugality is great, but sometimes it can get to be a bit much.

Anyway. I’m happy with the end results. I was quilting in the present, so no noodle-brained mistakes were made. Which is nice.

I also tossed together a few doll pillows for the school. Speaking of excessive frugality, I spent a good while shredding up the scraps of batting I had sitting around. It works ok.


Less nice is that this is the current state of my “craft room” aka disaster zone.

Something must be done. The closet is so full of stuff I’m not quite ready to get rid of yet. Under the bed is packed. That keyboard hasn’t been used since 1996. As the tot would say, “oy gevalt.” But honestly, how am I supposed to toss this stuff? Not everyone has a “Big Tex Rooster Crowing Contest Grand Champion” banner.

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