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Lots of big changes have been going on around here, and one of the many balls I dropped was my poor innocent blog. But I’m back in the saddle again! Riding the range once more!

So one big change is that I’ve started a delightful job as a teaching guide at a Waldorf-inspired farm school. I have the toddler group every afternoon, and I am really enjoying it. Love the kids, love my coworkers. Little Owl is going to school there as well, and she really enjoys it.

Of course we’ve been having crafty fun the last few months, but honestly I just don’t have the will power to go back and do posts about everything. But here is one that is just too good to skip…

We made dreamcatchers! For this one we used wild grapevine from my mama’s farm, and some of the many dove feathers we find around our bird feeders. We made another using rattan, an owl feather, a cardinal feather, and a blue jay feather. It was such a fun, quick project. I can’t wait to go back up to the farm to get some more vine!


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Doll has been repaired. I can’t find the before pic I took, but her poor little self was all ripped and stained and worn through. I found her in a box in the top of the closet in my old room on a recent trip home and kind of freaked out a little. I don’t remember her at all but I just love her sweet little face.  And I love how her hair has gotten kind of smooshed into a fauxhawk.

I made a new body for her, following suggestions from Jean, The Artful Parent.

I used an old t-shirt for the body – a knit is definitely a good idea.  I made it a bit bigger than was strictly warranted, so the shoulders are a bit loose.  And the neck is slightly wonky.  But all in all I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.


I always love the ideas Little Owl comes up with for art, and particularly for artistic mediums.  Today she was playing in the kiddie pool, with the little backyard climber’s slide stuck in it so she could slide down into the water.  I found a piece of chalk that had been soaked by the sprinkler and just handed it to her.  She then spent 30 minutes drawing on the slide, erasing, and drawing some more.  She drew individuals, family groups, the dog, all sorts of things.

She also spent most of her shower this evening drawing on the shower wall with finger paint.  We actually do that pretty often.  Fun fun fun.


And today, I finally made my Little Owl her long-awaited sandbox.  She’s been loving them so much at friends’ houses, one of the nearby parks and at her playschool.  And her beloved school is closing.  So it was time for something big, and a sandbox seemed a good idea.  I ransacked the scrap lumber in the garage and came up with leftover planks from the deck and some timbers from the raised garden beds.  IU built it back in a little corner of the yard that was a huge mess when we came in and is now filled with native plants and wildflowers.  Perfect.  We picked up a bunch of sand, but I need to go get more tomorrow.  The tot loves it.  Happy day! 



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And so it begins

The tot’s first embroidery project.  She was completely uninterested until I pointed out that it was dangerous, at which point there was no stopping her.


Of course I forgot to take pictures of the felt heart ornaments I made for an exchange my moms’ group is doing. Oh well, this is way cuter.

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Feelin’ Stitchy

I’ve started a tea towel to give my mama for her birthday.

This is my first embroidery project aside from a tracing of the tot’s hand that I made for her great-grandma one Christmas. ‘Cause I need an excuse to buy more craft supplies.


If you’ve never come across Sublime Stitching, please check it out because it is awesome. Even if you don’t care to embroider, something there is going to put a smile on your face. 

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The tot got some seed packages and biodegradable seed pots in her stocking this year.

They were a huge hit. Of course we had to go ahead and plant a couple, and the first one has just sprouted. I have been saving eggshells for months to use for sprouting seedlings – I can’t wait to get them out for an Imbolc celebration. I’m thinking maybe we’ll dye them with onion skins or whatever color the tot picks and use them for her flowers. So many possibilities. I need to remember that she is three and not get carried away. Right.

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For you consideration, two poorly focused shots of the inadequately quilted crib quilt that I finally gave up on and finished binding on the machine. So it’s half hand-bound and half machine-bound. I make my own rules.

Actually it’s the quilt I made for the beginner’s quilting class I took, and she didn’t have us do much quilting because of time constraints. I will probably go back and do some more. And she wanted us to hand bind it so we would know how. Well, I did half of it. So I know how.

Despite all this, I really love the colors I picked over a year ago, and the tot is mesmerized by it. She loves that both she and her two dolls, Marabelle and Annabelle, all have quilts.

Here you can see Marabelle with her quilt and Annabelle with her blanket, otherwise known as a vintage embroidered hankie, comfortably resting on the custom Dora pillowcase of doom.

This crafting slump must end soon. I am starting to get a little twitchy. Time to cast on that last pair of armwarmers. That’ll make an even dozen. Just the right number, I think.

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This afternoon I was consumed with a burning need to make a bunch of holiday ornaments. I really didn’t have time for that, though, so I ran around taking pictures of what I already had up. And making a couple of finger knit garlands, but that hardly counts.







I love that everything we have out is either something passed down to me from family, something I acquired during travels, something I bought from fair trade sources, or something we made from stuff I happened to have sitting around. The tot even did a good bit of finger knitting, with some assistance. And it definitely makes me feel better about the little wrapping paper-related falling down in Ikea the other day. Oh well. If wrapping paper is my indulgence, I’m doing pretty well.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and happy winter to all!

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