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A Bit of Magic

Little Owl and I have less time together than we once did, and I no longer have the bit of time she used to spend at playschool to accomplish those boring things that grown-ups have to do.  So I have been crafting many little magical moments in our time together.  It’s not so hard to do.  She is my wise and wild child, and magic is everywhere if your heart and eyes are open.

This year, we went into a nearby woods to gather cedar boughs for a Solstice wreath. We spent time walking with the trees and visited a labyrinth, we even found a ‘possum jawbone which now has a place of honor on our nature tray (which remains completely out of hand). With nothing but those boughs and a bit of twine, we crafted a beautiful wreath that graced our doorway for the last few weeks. Over the last few days, we’ve both noticed that it’s lighter a bit later. Those tiny shifts have added up and now the Solstice season feels over to us. So we brought it down and burned it in our firepit, enjoying the scent of the dried cedar and sending our thanks up with the smoke.

We love having tea parties – usually Earl Grey for me and “Owl Tea” or maybe chamomile-lavender tea for Little Owl.  Grandma (my mama) gave me this tea set for Christmas and I love it so much.  And this time, at Little Owl’s request, we lit some lotus incense.  “I bless for you peace.  I bless for you happiness and heart and I love you,” she said, cupping her hand over the incense and holding it to my forehead.  Best tea party ever.


So much magic.



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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.  I love the pumpkins, I love the warm spicy biting scent of marigolds.  I love setting out pieces of my Pa and Grandma’s favorite candies.  I love the bats, I love the owls, I love the spiders.  I love the ghosts, I love the witches, no surprises there.  Did I mention that I love it?

I love that I can feel winter in the night air, in the little shifts happening around me, but that the impossible colors of summer are still with us. This is my time of renewal, my setting out, my beginnings. With relief from the heat suddenly comes my new year. Happy Samhain!

May your day be full of the wonder of the new year.

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Yesterday we headed down to a park to go wading the the creek and see what we could see. By far the most exciting part of the day was the dragonfly. The husband spotted him floating down the creek – I don’t know how he got knocked into the water, but he was going to meet his doom. When their wings get stuck in the water, they pretty much can’t escape. I dashed over and scooped him up to let him dry off. He hung out with us until his wings and body dried off, and was very happy to rest in our hands. He crawled around a bit in Little Owl’s hand while she gazed wide-eyed at him. When he was finally rested and recovered, he happily buzzed away.

So Little Owl got to hold a huge dragonfly – it tickles me to no end that she was wildly enthusiastic and not even a tiny bit nervous. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

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Little Owl and I took a trip up to my folks’ house again this past week. We were celebrating my niece’s first birthday – such fun to get together with family. The husband also came up for the weekend; it was great to have him there with us for a couple of days.

This was our week….   Blackberries to savor, ponds to swim in, dandelions to munch.  Ladybugs, a coyote running through the field, a bluebird nest.  Baby chicks from the feed store where Grandma’s been going since she was a tot.  Mud puddles to splash, tire swing in the rain, rocks thrown in the creek, mud on the feet.  Frogs, spiders, bugs, birds, turtles.  Puppies to play with, kitties to pat, beloved old Esmerelda the chicken to hold and her new pet chick Carrot to snuggle, Grandma and Pa hugs and a little cousin to love.  And peafowl. Oh happy days.

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Meet our new friend, Arachne. She was living behind the little chest of drawers I have in the downstairs powder room. But I noticed she wasn’t catching much, and we had a ton of fruit flies that had invaded the kitchen.

So in a highly scientific move, I gathered up her egg sacs in an empty toilet paper roll, and got her in it too, and took her to the kitchen.

She seems to be quite happy with the new arrangement, and the fruit fly population has dropped significantly. Also Little Owl loves her.

Did you know that cobweb spiders are a natural predator of brown recluse spiders? Just a bit of trivia for you.

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Fry it!

I like to think that the meals I cook for my family are pretty healthy. But there are some things you just gotta fry.

My mama makes fried okra that I cannot describe any better than to say that it is ambrosia. She’s always worried that it’s too salty, or too done, or not done enough. But a serving for me is however much she harvests. It is so good.

So for a long time, I never made fried okra. But then my Little Owl arrived. And now I am Mama, and Mama makes fried okra. That’s just how it is. So out came the cast iron, and the okra was fried.

One night, I asked her if she wanted it fried or curried (a yummy African recipe we’ve enjoyed at Whole Foods). My heart swelled with pride when she yelled, “Fry it!!”

Last year I got all our okra from the farmers’ market. Which is good. But really it has to be perfectly fresh. ‘Cause that’s how my mama does it. So this year I planted okra. The seedlings just came up. Little Owl and I did a little happy dance in the back yard. I am so excited.

Now Mama is really gonna fry some okra.

This is my Best Shot.


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The wildflowers are gorgeous this year. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many bluebonnets.

The last is my best shot.


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