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A Bit of Magic

Little Owl and I have less time together than we once did, and I no longer have the bit of time she used to spend at playschool to accomplish those boring things that grown-ups have to do.  So I have been crafting many little magical moments in our time together.  It’s not so hard to do.  She is my wise and wild child, and magic is everywhere if your heart and eyes are open.

This year, we went into a nearby woods to gather cedar boughs for a Solstice wreath. We spent time walking with the trees and visited a labyrinth, we even found a ‘possum jawbone which now has a place of honor on our nature tray (which remains completely out of hand). With nothing but those boughs and a bit of twine, we crafted a beautiful wreath that graced our doorway for the last few weeks. Over the last few days, we’ve both noticed that it’s lighter a bit later. Those tiny shifts have added up and now the Solstice season feels over to us. So we brought it down and burned it in our firepit, enjoying the scent of the dried cedar and sending our thanks up with the smoke.

We love having tea parties – usually Earl Grey for me and “Owl Tea” or maybe chamomile-lavender tea for Little Owl.  Grandma (my mama) gave me this tea set for Christmas and I love it so much.  And this time, at Little Owl’s request, we lit some lotus incense.  “I bless for you peace.  I bless for you happiness and heart and I love you,” she said, cupping her hand over the incense and holding it to my forehead.  Best tea party ever.


So much magic.



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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.  I love the pumpkins, I love the warm spicy biting scent of marigolds.  I love setting out pieces of my Pa and Grandma’s favorite candies.  I love the bats, I love the owls, I love the spiders.  I love the ghosts, I love the witches, no surprises there.  Did I mention that I love it?

I love that I can feel winter in the night air, in the little shifts happening around me, but that the impossible colors of summer are still with us. This is my time of renewal, my setting out, my beginnings. With relief from the heat suddenly comes my new year. Happy Samhain!

May your day be full of the wonder of the new year.

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Lots of big changes have been going on around here, and one of the many balls I dropped was my poor innocent blog. But I’m back in the saddle again! Riding the range once more!

So one big change is that I’ve started a delightful job as a teaching guide at a Waldorf-inspired farm school. I have the toddler group every afternoon, and I am really enjoying it. Love the kids, love my coworkers. Little Owl is going to school there as well, and she really enjoys it.

Of course we’ve been having crafty fun the last few months, but honestly I just don’t have the will power to go back and do posts about everything. But here is one that is just too good to skip…

We made dreamcatchers! For this one we used wild grapevine from my mama’s farm, and some of the many dove feathers we find around our bird feeders. We made another using rattan, an owl feather, a cardinal feather, and a blue jay feather. It was such a fun, quick project. I can’t wait to go back up to the farm to get some more vine!

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I’ve been noticing lately how many outlandish things I say in the course of a perfectly ordinary day as the mama of my little wild child.

“If something gives you a wedgie, you should probably rethink it.”

“There is a big difference between resurrection and reincarnation.”

“It may sound like fun, but you could die, so stop it.”

“No you may not pat the fish.”

“If I say not to touch something, you should not then try to lick it.”

“Put on some underwear; it’s time for dinner!”

“When you are lying on the floor screaming, I know it’s time to go home.”

“Please make the choice not to hyperventilate.”

Ah, motherhood.

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Every season, we keep a little nature tray of the treasures we find. And at the end of each season, we give these treasures back to Mother Earth, placing them in Little Owl’s secret place in the garden. We figure the fairies probably like that shaded and hidden space as much as she does, and that they appreciate the offering. The moment we realize a season has ended is always exciting. I especially love the shift to spring. During this season we honor birth and renewal with the spiraling snail shells and the feathers we find in our garden.

We’ve already started gathering little bits of beauty for our spring altar, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we will come across for the rest of this lovely season.

Spring Nature Altar

Little Owl’s newest prized possession is this vintage Japanese toy teapot we found at the antique mall. During the day it held these feathers – but by bedtime she had reclaimed it so that she could hold it while she slept.

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The years roll by

So, today is my birthday.  I’m kind of glad this last year is over.  I started it off with an emergency appendectomy, and that kind of set the tone for the whole year.  So I am setting intentions for a healthy and happy year, with adventures that are actually fun rather than requiring narcotics.  To which I tend to have a remarkably awful reaction so they definitely don’t fall under the fun category.

Of course I didn’t think about doing this until today.  So this might be a bit scattered.  But I don’t think anyone will be too surprised by that.

Here is my “I’m 31 and this is going to be an awesome year” list.


1) Rio Grande

2) 5 sweater patterns

3) macro lens

4) beach

5) canning parties

6) country wine

7) fiddle

8 ) double wedding rings

(That’s a quilt pattern, not an unconventional domestic arrangement.)

9) dancing

10) Scotland

11) spinning

(Yarn, obviously.)

12) yoga retreat

13) fiber festival

14) volunteer

15) teach knitting classes

16) learn to really actually draw

17) back yard fairy houses

18) 365 photo project

19) bake a good chunk of the bread we eat

20) Austin Marathon?!?!?!?!


Better get moving.

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We are struggling so much lately. There is so much push and pull, so much need for closeness and so strong an urge to grow away a bit. She longs to be held but then sobs not to look at her. Poor Little Owl, in a constant fight with herself. Tired but can’t sleep, hungry but won’t eat. Scared of she doesn’t know what, stretching for accomplishments but too frustrated to focus her effort. She’s like a snake shedding its skin; she can’t help but grow, but dang does it make her grumpy.

Tonight I was determined to get some giggles out of her. As much fun as we had in the nice weather, today just had too many sad moments.

We went upstairs for bed but instead of the usual angst, we played for a while. First I crawled around on the floor pretending to be a puppy dog trying to lick her toes. Funny stuff. Then she said, “You’re such a silly Mama.” I replied, “You can call me silly but you better not call me Englebert.” “You’re Englebert!” “You can call me Englebert, but you better not call me Snarglewop.” Hilarious. We kept that up for a while. Then I watched her fall over for a bit and pretended to be horrified by it. Uproariously funny. Then she started a game about a giant gross scary mean bug. She had to run away so it would eat me instead. But then she had to save me. “Shoo away from my mama, you darn bug!” So I pretended to be a mean bug, buzzing around the room looking for a little girl to eat for dinner. Except every time I would find one and try to eat her up, I would miss, fall over face first into the blanket right beside her, and try to take a big bite of it. Then pretend to be really mad that I had missed. This was the funniest thing in the history of time.

And then she went to sleep, happy as can be. Well, after a bit of fussing. “Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! I’m Little Owl! I need to sleep in a tree.” And a bit of yoga nidra and some guided meditation, but that’s to be expected.



When all is said and done, I think probably the thing that might let me claim to be a good parent is the fact that I am completely silly.

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