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A Bit of Magic

Little Owl and I have less time together than we once did, and I no longer have the bit of time she used to spend at playschool to accomplish those boring things that grown-ups have to do.  So I have been crafting many little magical moments in our time together.  It’s not so hard to do.  She is my wise and wild child, and magic is everywhere if your heart and eyes are open.

This year, we went into a nearby woods to gather cedar boughs for a Solstice wreath. We spent time walking with the trees and visited a labyrinth, we even found a ‘possum jawbone which now has a place of honor on our nature tray (which remains completely out of hand). With nothing but those boughs and a bit of twine, we crafted a beautiful wreath that graced our doorway for the last few weeks. Over the last few days, we’ve both noticed that it’s lighter a bit later. Those tiny shifts have added up and now the Solstice season feels over to us. So we brought it down and burned it in our firepit, enjoying the scent of the dried cedar and sending our thanks up with the smoke.

We love having tea parties – usually Earl Grey for me and “Owl Tea” or maybe chamomile-lavender tea for Little Owl.  Grandma (my mama) gave me this tea set for Christmas and I love it so much.  And this time, at Little Owl’s request, we lit some lotus incense.  “I bless for you peace.  I bless for you happiness and heart and I love you,” she said, cupping her hand over the incense and holding it to my forehead.  Best tea party ever.


So much magic.



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Little Owl’s Mittens

“Pattern” – my own. She loves them. I wish I’d done them a bit differently, but, as I said, she loves them. And as a four year old from Texas, does not yet have sufficiently established ideas about mittens to notice that the thumbs could be a bit better.

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Me Again

It has been so hard to post.  I have mentioned that there have been big changes around here a few times, and I don’t know why it matters on my knitting blog, but not talking about it has for some reason kept me from posting anything.  So.  The big change is that, much to my dismay, I have gone from being a stay-at-home wife and mother to a single working mom.  I have been so lucky in my job – working as a teaching guide at a farm school, with Little Owl right there at the school with me.  But obviously it’s been a huge change.  There.  That’s out of the way.  Now, some knits.

One of Little Owl’s new hats – this shape reminds me of a pakol, which amuses me endlessly.

Little Owl’s Christmas penguin.

This is Tiger, for my niece, Tiger Lily. (That’s her nickname because Little Owl taught her to growl and it is a big part of her repertoire.) I used this adorable pattern by Louisa Harding.  The only change I made was to screw up the ears.

Here’s me modelling Little Owl’s crazy candy can hat.  She loves this yarn.  She has asked that I also make an elephant with it.  Naturally.

And here we have a picture of a sleeping Little Owl modelling a mitten.  I made up the pattern even though I’d never knit mittens before.  I don’t know quite what that says about me but suspect it indicates a pretty high level of cussedness.  Anyway, I wanted to make sure it fit.  It did.  (I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures of trying it on her with all the DPNs still in, before it was finished.)

And here we have a tiny bunny.  Little Owl always wants to give her friends knit toys for their birthdays.  We poked around on Ravelry for one sweet friend, and finally Little Owl settled on a bunny.  A really tiny bunny.  With a blanket.  A purple one.  And a blue blanket.  I wound up not using a pattern, of course, but it was a hit.


I knit a mountain of stuff for holiday presents, but never got around to taking pictures.  Oh well.  After all, there are only so many pictures of hats and scarves that actually need to be posted.

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