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Little Owl’s Art

I have been freaking out a little bit about Little Owl’s art lately. I am so in love with her emerging style.  Here we have an elephant and a kitty cat.  There’s tons more but I know better than to start posting everything.  That way madness lies.


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Let’s get this party started

So.  After encouragement, enabling, and general harrassment from several friends, I opened my Etsy store.  Right now I am using it primarily as a means of complicating said friends’ lives by forcing them to purchase commissions through it.  But still.  Fun!  We’ll see.  If nothing else, I kind of need to get rid of some stuff.  Knitting is basically my only coping mechanism, and although my family is sizeable, we do live in Texas after all.  There is only so much knitwear we need.

Look!  November tomatoes and delightfully delightful fingerless gloves!  Who doesn’t want that!  If you buy my fingerless gloves, your tomato vines will keep producing until the New Year!


Here’s the link!  Sorry for all the exclamation points.

Ms. Knit-It-All’s Etsy Store of Excessive Yarn

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Our autumn nature shrine is starting to get a bit out of hand.

I think Little Owl may share my love of this season.

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Today Little Owl and I celebrated by making an altar together. My Grandma and Pa’s favorite candies, sent to Little Owl as part of a Halloween care package by my mama, and photos of the two of them joined pumpkins, candles, and beflowered calaveras.

I wanted to make the altar without the need to purchase anything – I often find it frustrating how consumption-driven children’s crafts are, so this was all about upcycling. Dried flowers from Little Owl’s birthday party and a cut up Shiner Cheer six-pack carton made for some pretty great materials.

We had a wonderful time talking about days long past, remembering stories of family who left this life before Little Owl would remember them or before she was even born. What a beautiful day this is.

Apologizes for the quality of the pics – my current photo editing capabilities are nil, to which I say screw it, I’m posting anyway.

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