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Whoo whoo

Little owls for my Little Owl. I finally, finally finished this blanket for her. Took me long enough! I used flannel instead of batting, and kind of cheated by just using a big bias tape maker to make the binding.  But she loves it, and it’ll be perfect for taking to the farmers’ market and for picnics and things.


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This is the Easy Baby Bootie pattern I’ve linked in other posts.

This is my own pattern, which I may eventually actually write down.

OK, I think that’s all the baby booties for now. Hmmm, what next?

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Yesterday we headed down to a park to go wading the the creek and see what we could see. By far the most exciting part of the day was the dragonfly. The husband spotted him floating down the creek – I don’t know how he got knocked into the water, but he was going to meet his doom. When their wings get stuck in the water, they pretty much can’t escape. I dashed over and scooped him up to let him dry off. He hung out with us until his wings and body dried off, and was very happy to rest in our hands. He crawled around a bit in Little Owl’s hand while she gazed wide-eyed at him. When he was finally rested and recovered, he happily buzzed away.

So Little Owl got to hold a huge dragonfly – it tickles me to no end that she was wildly enthusiastic and not even a tiny bit nervous. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

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Why is it that when things get chaotic, knitting and crafting in general – my most relaxing activities aside from actual sleep – go right out the window? Ah well. At least I can take pictures of the garden.

I planted some fennel to attract swallowtail butterflies, and now it’s covered in caterpillars. At least a dozen – such fun! Things like this, simple little things like growing plants for the butterflies and then watching those little lives unfold, always seems like a small miracle to me. It’s not a surprise, really, that it happens, but it is so wonderful every time it does.

Also the tomatoes are beginning to ripen. Joy.

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Little Owl and I took a trip up to my folks’ house again this past week. We were celebrating my niece’s first birthday – such fun to get together with family. The husband also came up for the weekend; it was great to have him there with us for a couple of days.

This was our week….   Blackberries to savor, ponds to swim in, dandelions to munch.  Ladybugs, a coyote running through the field, a bluebird nest.  Baby chicks from the feed store where Grandma’s been going since she was a tot.  Mud puddles to splash, tire swing in the rain, rocks thrown in the creek, mud on the feet.  Frogs, spiders, bugs, birds, turtles.  Puppies to play with, kitties to pat, beloved old Esmerelda the chicken to hold and her new pet chick Carrot to snuggle, Grandma and Pa hugs and a little cousin to love.  And peafowl. Oh happy days.

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I made these from some acrylic yarn (Patons Melody in Tutti Frutti) that I had sitting around for some reason.  They were supposed to be for Little Owl’s dolls.  They are always wanting more clothes, those babies.  They are, however, extremely unpopular.  “Mama, Baby doesn’t like these.  They’re not very soft.  Welllll, they’re not soft at all.”

Sorry sweetie, the dolls are not getting alpaca.


(I modified the Easy Baby Bootie pattern to which I’ve linked previously for the super chunky yarn.)

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The rosemary in my sunny garden have really taken off this year.  I love the scent that lingers when I walk through them, I love to feel the warmth of the sun that has soaked into the leaves.  I love to harvest little snips for meals or just to stick behind my ear while I go about my day.  I love that rosemary is for remembrance.

This is the first time I’ve made massage oil, not that it’s exactly rocket surgery.  Glass jars (recycled from Gundermann Farms jam I bought at the farmers’ market, yum), snips of rosemary, grapeseed oil (from Aura Cacia).  It lasts longer when stored in a cool, dark place.  And I guess you are supposed to strain out the herbs after a month or two, but these jars are small so they may just be used up before then.

It just looks so beautiful to me; I am disproportionally pleased with myself about this project.  These will be presents for Mother’s Day.

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