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Itty Bitty

Just finished this for a sweet little one with an upcoming first birthday. I am loving this pattern. It’s perfect for Texas babies. And it’s itty bitty so I can use yarn I might not normally spring for – especially when said yarn is purchased at Hill Country Weaver’s annual warehouse sale.

The pattern is Just a Little Undershirt (Ravelry link) by Robin Orm Hansen from Interweave Knits, Fall 2009.  The yarn is Truffles in Eucalipto and Capello Pink by Tahki Yarns.  It’s very soft and sweet. I’m about to cast on another in different colors; this will certainly become another standard baby gift.


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Booties and Flamingos

Another pair of baby booties – this time with the flamingo flock.

I put this pattern together and am pretty pleased with it but feel the need to fancy it up a bit. I may post it once I get around to that. These turned out good but not great – why do I insist on trying to design something when it’s intended as a gift? I spend so much time thinking about the recipient while knitting it that I can’t not give it to them!

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To celebrate Earth Day, we recycled catalogs to make collages.  Good in theory, but I’m not sure how green any craft with that much glitter glue actually is.

It was all very ephemeral, so I didn’t get many pictures. But this I did manage to snap. I was cutting out paper dolls and stuff for my girl, and also decided to quickly cut out some critters.  She loved the puppy and wanted to decorate it.  Here he is in all his glittery glory. 

He got a little smeared but she gave him a sad face and a belly button. What’s not to love?

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Lavender Days

Our spring days are scented by the lavender and rosemary, the fennel, the basil and the green green tomatoes growing in our gardens. My Little Owl likes to sit in her secret place in the garden, surrounded by the lavender blooms and the rosemary.

We have an evening ritual of enjoying a cup of tea together.  It’s a lovely few minutes.  We usually make chamomile and lavender tea from Traditional Medicinals, which we both love.  But the other day, my little one wanted to make tea with lavender from our own garden.  How could I not oblige?

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The wildflowers are gorgeous this year. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many bluebonnets.

The last is my best shot.


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Anna above, me below. Once again we picked these independently.  I love the pairs we keep coming up with. 

Visit Melody and Megan for more!

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Look at this adorable little Alice!  I was tickled pink when her mama asked me if I could make an Alice in Wonderland costume for her, and although I wasn’t able to put together quite what I wanted, I was pretty pleased with the end result.  I did the dress and petticoat and she got the pinafore from Etsy I believe.  Little Miss seemed quite comfortable in it, and the petticoat stayed on.  And when sewing for a preschooler, those are my two main requirements.  So I considered it a success!

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