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Knitting is Happening

Well would you look at that. There is knitting. Despite ongoing chaos, baby booties must be made. There’s something very soothing about baby booties.

OK, that’s all.


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Whew!  Things have been a bit hectic.  But here we go. 


Anna suggested negative space, which is perfect.  Sometimes it can be a bit hard to find inspiration in the suburban back yard.  But the tot and I have been spending a lot of time crashed in the new hammock, and the budding trees and blue skies that are our springtime companions are filling my days with happy.  And I just love Anna’s – look how sweetly sneaky he looks.  Perfect.


Visit Melody and Megan for more!

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Have you ever gone to your bookshelves, thinking you’d exhausted them and needed to go to the bookstore?  Thinking I haven’t a thing to read.  And then things start grabbing your attention.  And you think, maybe my books are telling me something. 

I knew I saved all those books from college for a reason.



The tot’s spring break has seriously undermined my crafty productivity – funny how much time two days a week is.  But she’s back to school so (once I catch up) I’ll be able to knit!  Maybe I’ll finish the sweater!  Now that it’s spring!

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Star of Texas

We headed down to the fair today.

It was my favorite kind of Texas day. Warm sun, cool breeze.

A sky so blue it seems unreal, filled with white clouds that somehow make it bigger.

The State Fair it isn’t.  I grew up going there.  I competed with my beloved bantams in the poultry competition for years.  My Golden Sebright rooster won the Big Tex Rooster Crowing Competition one year.  I still have the banner.  The stock shows are huge.  The arts competitions are amazing.  The food building is crazy.  Clearly this does not compete.  But Little Owl doesn’t know that, and frankly this is just the right size fair for a three year old.

We sat and watched the horse show for a while. She was mezmerized. Just last weekend, she finally decided, after a couple of years of desperately wanting to, that it was time for a pony ride. And seeing these lovely girls on these beautiful horses was just about too much. She told me she wants to ride horses like that. I think my search for a good dance studio is about to change course.

I loved this little cowgirl. She was trying so hard to get that cussed sign on right. And it would. Not. Go. I so remember trying to get things organized for the stock show. It was always something.

My Little Owl could barely restrain herself from running into the arena to take a turn leading the miniature Herefords. She told me she wants to live in the country with a barn. I concur.

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Every season, we keep a little nature tray of the treasures we find. And at the end of each season, we give these treasures back to Mother Earth, placing them in Little Owl’s secret place in the garden. We figure the fairies probably like that shaded and hidden space as much as she does, and that they appreciate the offering. The moment we realize a season has ended is always exciting. I especially love the shift to spring. During this season we honor birth and renewal with the spiraling snail shells and the feathers we find in our garden.

We’ve already started gathering little bits of beauty for our spring altar, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we will come across for the rest of this lovely season.

Spring Nature Altar

Little Owl’s newest prized possession is this vintage Japanese toy teapot we found at the antique mall. During the day it held these feathers – but by bedtime she had reclaimed it so that she could hold it while she slept.

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Every year, it takes me by surprise to see budding leaves and flowers on the trees, to smell the green breeze and hear the trills and jigs of the twitterpated mockingbirds. Every year, the bursting forth of sweetly familiar wildflowers happens for the first time.  Those bright hopeful fields of color renew my spirit and bring a burst of happy like nothing else in this world.



On a walk through the neighborhood trails today, we spied these blooms. I had to grab some snaps with my phone. This is the first bluebonnet we’ve seen this year – Little Owl was ecstatic. It’s my best shot.


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Hello, City

It’s odd to live in the suburbs of the city where you once lived right in the middle of things. Especially when you were a grad student and are now a mom. There are plenty of good things about where we live now.  But it can be a bit disheartening at times.

 My old haunts, once so familiar and easy, are now just that little bit inconvenient.  All those coffee shops are a bit less relaxing these days, and it’s somehow less fun to walk a few miles to a festival when you’re pushing a stroller and have to worry about the nap.    The jogs at the lake with the dog, once so effortless, now seem like a worse idea than a land war in Asia. 

It’s been easy to feel a little cool toward my city.  But I am determined to get reacquainted. 


From my visit to Zilker…

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