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This is getting silly

More armwarmers. Black and red for the boy, completing that order. Green for the mama for order number two. Three pairs to go, one of which is for a 5 year old. I will prevail.


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Sharing some Happy

Head over to GardenMama to see her latest giveaway.  And while you’re there, check out her new store!

And while I’m at it, here are a couple of things that are high on my happy list!

Angry Chicken’s theater

Checkout Girl’s Let it Snow tutorial

OK, I’m giving up.  I have more but I need to put the tot to bed and I will inevitably forget.  Have fun poking around.

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Happy Thanksful Day

The family has been talking about what we’re thankful for at dinner lately.  Very casual, no big projects or anything, just talking about it.  This morning the tot declared, “It’s Thanksful Day!”  Yes indeed it is.

Here is my thanksful list.  I shouldn’t need  a push to do this, but I’ll admit to being inspired by Karen’s lovely list at Chookooloonks.

1) the garden

2) living in Austin

3) the friends I’ve found

4) the friends I’ve kept

5) my camera and what I see through it

6) yarn and the ability to make things from it

7) the Austin local/sustainable food scene

8 ) cool weather

9) the dozens, sometimes hundreds, of butterflies and bees in my flowerbeds

10) my daughter’s preschool and her teaching guides there

11) kitchen appliances

12) family members who will help if they can

13) people whose craziness gives me the opportunity to cultivate patience and understanding

14) windchimes

15) my pet cobweb spiders who help keep the indoor bug populations under control

16) cooking and the appreciation my family feels when I do it

17) the beautiful things I’ve bought from fair trade sources

18) my daughter’s laughter

19) the dog

20) the ability to feel a sense of wonder

21) friends who laugh at my nerdy jokes about things like the Sisyphean nature of laundry

22) Jane Austen

23) Douglas Adams

24) the volunteer oaks that are growing so beautifully in the back yard

25) coffee

26) beer

27) tea parties on the floor

28) my cookbooks, especially the spiral-bound ones from churches and similar groups

29) peacock feathers from my mom

30) the lake condo a friend makes so available to us – and the friend

31) the many blogs that inspire me and the women who create them

32) rain

33) jigs

34) a husband who wants me to do what I want even when if it’s not what would make the most money

35) the confidence to use alternative medicine, and its availability to me and my family

36) sidewalk chalk

37) the nature tray full of treasures that we keep on the kitchen counter

38) the many books I saved from college

39) knowing so much of my family history

40) Wild Birds Unlimited

41) rosemary

42) the opportunity to travel

43) the number of parks near our home

44) locally brewed kombucha

45) friends at the farmers’ markets

46) the fact that my husband never disputes the money I spend on feeding our family a certain way

47) grass-fed beef from my parents’ farm

48) sitting down for dinner as a family almost every night

49) friends and family who encourage me to sell my crafts

50) online yarn sources; especially the small business ones

51) thrift store creations

52) my daughter’s loving ways

53) okra and how my family loves when I fry it just as much as I love when my mom fries it

54) our favorite restaurant, where they know our favorite beers and also what the little one likes to eat

55) friends with whom I can discuss chakras and kitchen magic without reservation

56) rotary cutters

57) my fabric and yarn stash

58) the fact that my daugher asked from a card and a Christmas tree for her presents this year

59) garden-fresh tomatoes in November

60) a husband who enters wholeheartedly into my unconventional holiday celebrations

61) festivals

62) Etsy

63) Ravelry

64) Flickr

65) my moms group

66) Book People

67) the ability to buy so much organic or otherwise sustainably produced clothing

68) my cast iron collection

69) yoga

70) the owls who live nearby

71) the way my dad calls me up when he’s wearing something I knit for him to thank me and to report the compliments he’s received

72) talking to my mom on the phone

73) pecan pie

74) the way the dryer vent blows out on a bed of lantana and keeps it blooming all year

75) goldfinches

76) my education

77) my travels through Europe and the knowledge that I’ll go back

78) when my daugher says, “I’ll eat you up I love you so.”

79) Mercer Mayer

80) passersby who are interested in my knitting

81) sweet potatoes

82) the way my daughter really loves animals, even the “gross” ones

83) a niece who calls me “Auntie M”

84) the way my husband thinks it’s kind of hot that I like Mythbusters

85) my old quilts

86) the nice silver

87) the slow realization of who I might want to be when I grow up

88) cooking the things that my mom cooked and that her mom cooked before her

89) the things I have in common with the women of my family from generations ago

90) cheese

91) really good whisky – or whiskey

92) the ability to wear sandals almost year-round

93) dried lavendar sachets

94) the Texas Hill Country

95) the beach

96) spicy food

97) the fact that I’m starting to write more

98) the support I get from my husband in my plan to unschool our daughter

99) the fact that I get readers on this small blog

100) the moment I realized that I could make my life what I wanted, even if that was completely different from what I had spend years thinking it should be

Happy Thanksful Day, and happy Love Thursday!


Found at the beach on our vacation

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We are back in town from our much-needed vacation.  A lovely week in San Francisco, or, as the tot calls it, France-and-Cisco, was a wonderful way to relax before the holiday craziness.  It was our first real vacation since the tot was born and I’m so glad we went.  Here are a few of my favorite shots, all SOOC because it’s  a holiday and I can’t be bothered.

Ocean Beach




Jack London’s ranch




Benziger Winery


Muir Woods







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It’s good to remember that what may seem to me to be a perfectly ordinary trip to the park may in fact be perfectly magical to the sweet child beside me.


There’s so much wonder to be found in a line of ants. A beetle. Perhaps that one really big acorn.


Who knows what we might find? Something amazing, certainly. Unfortunately, “armagiddos are nocturnal.”

And my best shot:

Who knows how many Great Blue Herons I’ve seen in my life. Dozens at least. And there were always a few who frequented the cow ponds at home. And yet I am a little excited every time I see one. 

When I see her exclaim with delight when she comes across something beautiful, I am grateful for this grateful child.


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Nothing new under the sun

Here are all four armwarmers for the boy’s friends. Still have to make his.


I have absolutely nothing interesting to say. But in honor of the occasion, I used my actual camera rather than my phone for the picture.

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In honor of the season…. a little list of happiness.

Pumpkin bread…..
bread and book

…and a well-stocked pantry…

…stuff on the breakfast bar….

…spiral-bound cookbooks…

…some fried okra, probably the last of the year…
fried okra

…a happy kid with a mouthful of pumpkin bread…

….and favorite things on her dresser…
tots room

….the simple things for which I give thanks every day.

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