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There are lots of reasons that I love to knit. The soothing repetitiveness, the enjoyment I get out of executing something complicated. The smiles on the faces of friends and family when they receive their gifts. The knowledge that many of my friends’ babies are kept warm by the work of my hands.

But lately, I’ve been thinking about the magic of knitting. Not the magic of creating, exactly, but the magic that I weave into my knitting with every stitch. I’ve been thinking about how, every time I make another loop of yarn, it is a little ritual, a tiny spell.

Every stitch is an “I love you.” An “I will help you,” an “I will protect you.” Take a scarf, for example. Maybe 6 inches wide and 60 inches long. Although I tend to make them 70 inches long. When someone wears a scarf I’ve made them, that’s like wrapping themselves in thousands and thousands of little spells of love and comfort and protection. That is some powerful magic right there.

Right now I’m working on some baby booties for a friend who will be delivering soon. It sends a little chill through me to be knitting – to be casting my little spells – for a little being who has yet to come into the world.


These are Michelle’s Easy Baby Booties. I changed the ribbed cuff to a seed stitch but other than that, no alterations. I’m thinking about a couple of designs for booties that I might try. After I recover from Halloween and Dia de los Muertos perhaps that will come to fruition.


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I made some more armwarmers. It feel so good to visualize something and bring it into being.


With photography, I rarely imagine a shot I want and make it happen. I just find what’s there and see what I can get. (A lot of that is to do with my main subject being three and feisty.) I never thought I was artistic or creative, because I never seemed to be able to execute the image I had in my mind. If indeed I even had a clear image. And in walks knitting, knocking down my ideas about myself. I was a knitter for a long time, not doing anything complicated. And then one day the switch flipped and I was a Knitter. Complicated patterns became not a problem, but an entertaining challege. I could imagine what I wanted something to look like, start knitting, and get it.

Suddenly, I find myself with the courage to admit that this is what I do, what I love, what inspires me and makes me want to go further. That whole legal career was great, but now I think I am beginning to get an idea of what I want to be when I grow up.

So this crummy little shot from my blackberry is my Best Shot. Not because it’s well-composed or perfectly processed. But because it is of something I created, simple though it may be.


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Finished the first pair of armwarmers using my new and improved pattern.



So here’s the pattern, if anyone’s interested.

Domi’s Simple Armwarmers
Knit using Paton’s Classic Wool Retro on US size 6 DPNs. I tend to knit loose so you’ll probably want to go up a size. This is pretty one size fits all adults. You could go bigger by casting on 4 more stitches and just following the pattern if you needed to.  And of course you can lengthen them by adding rows to the stockinette section of the arm.

Notions – 2 row markers

CO 32 stitches. Join, being careful not to twist. Place marker.

Row 1: (Knit 2, purl 2), repeat to end.
Repeat rib for 14 rounds.

Knit 15 rounds in stockinette.

Shape thumb:
Kfb, k4, kfb, pm, k to end of round.
Kfb, k to within 1 st of marker, kfb, k to end.
Repeat 3 times.

K 2 rounds stockinette.

BO stitches between markers (14 st), k to end.

pm, CO 6 st, k to end
K one round.
(K2, p2), repeat to end.
Repeat rib for 14 rows.

BO. You may want to BO in the rib pattern but I hate doing that so I didn’t and it looks just fine to me.

Weave in ends.


(This is the first pattern I’ve actually written out. Let me know if something doesn’t make sense!)

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O Happy Day

Today we went out to Sweet Berry Farms.  I’ll just let the pictures speak.







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I’m working on a bunch of armwarmers for the son of a good friend to give as Christmas presents this year. This is my proof of concept pair to work out the pattern. I’ll probably keep them myself and give him the good ones now that I know how I want to do them.



(I know, awful pics, but I didn’t get around to taking them outside, and unfortunately I don’t know any of my neighbors well enough to ask them to model knits for me.)

This is, by the way, inspired by the Alice from Twilight armwarmers that have been showing up. I may find the movies to be hilarious, but that doesn’t mean I won’t copy the cute knits!

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Faerie Festival

The tot just turned three, and this year we chose to celebrate with a faerie festival. She chose to invite a few friends from her beautiful playschool and a couple of her closest friends from our playgroup. It was a lovely group of children, and a lovely party.

I didn’t take any pictures at the time – a dear friend and wonderful photographer played mamarazzi for me so that I could focus on being the hostess with the mostest. But this morning I went out and grabbed a couple of shots of what remained after a wonderful time.

I used logs from the woodpile to make a labyrinth for the tots to walk. They were pretty into it! I wasn’t sure if it would hold their attention but they definitely had fun walking it.

The back yard was filled with beautiful things, like these prayer flags….

…and lovely gatherings from nature.
(Thanks for bringing the horse apples, Mama!)

I used some split logs and a paver to make a secret place for the tot and her friends to hide. She loves to go back there and read, tucked behind the bushes and amongst the flowers and buzzing bees. This morning, this is what I found, a little offering left by the tots. This is my best shot.


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More Owls

Finished the tot’s birthday sweater – not that she’s consented to wear it yet.  Sigh.  Anything else she’ll try on instantly, but as soon as I knit something she refuses.  Someone remind me of this next time I start feeling bad about not knitting for her.



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