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It’s easy to forget, as I daydream of where I hope someday to be, that I can surround myself with a very great deal of beauty in our little suburban plot. Just because there’s not a creek, or room for the garden I’d love, or any way for my dog to share the backyard with chickens, doesn’t mean I can’t make it a haven.

Sometimes I feel that this lifestyle is perfect for now – we have a yard, there are parks, near my husband’s office, etc., etc. But there are days when I feel it’s the worst of both worlds. We can’t walk anywhere, and I can’t have livestock.

So here is my reminder to myself. Don’t wait for someday to find what your soul craves.








This is my favorite. A simple birdbath it may be, but if I just lean in a bit, I can see a forest in it.

What’s your reminder to yourself?


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Every year, right about this time, I get a hankering for cozy sweaters, stew, bonfires, and changing colors.  Which is kind of dumb.  Because in my part of Texas, we’ve got a while to go before fall really kicks in.  In fact, it’s completely normal for temperatures still to be reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Obviously sweaters are a poor choice. 

I never really focused on it before, but here, fall is a time not of dying back and retreating into burrows, but a time of rejuvenation and renewal.  After a summer of drought and record-breaking heat, the rains have come and my garden is exploding.  It waited patiently all summer, as dormant as if it were winter, while we stayed inside (unless we were up by about 6:30) so the tot wouldn’t get heat stroke.  I swear we both had Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Even the tomato plants were withered and dead, blasted by the heat.

But now we’re spending the day outside, getting reacquainted with the flowers and the bugs and the faeries.  We’re planting the garden with our fall vegetables, pulling weeds, enjoying the wildflowers that spring up unexpected in our little patch of suburbia, and watching the butterflies and bees gadding about.  My soul, as parched as the earth, is renewed by the rain, the cool breeze, the explosion of life around me.

Fall in our neck of the woods looks like finding where faeries have danced…..
…and discovering bug eggs (and why I need a macro lens)…
….and soaking in color…..
…and watching our neighbors….
…and flopping down for a rest.

And here’s some knitting….
The tot’s scarf

Owlet in progress – obviously I haven’t totally given up on sweaters, but it is after all a Christmas present.

The tot, casting on. “I’m putting some stitches on this needle!”

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In Progress

The holiday knitting has begun.  Last year I made a couple of sweaters that, to the best of my knowledge, have been languishing in the closets of their recipients.  So this year there are a lots of scarves, hats, socks, a small shawl or two, and maybe some fingerless mitts on my list.  See, I can be taught.

I am making sweaters for my daughter and nieces, however.  There will be Owlets and Whirlygigs and perhaps a baby kimono if I can manage to execute the design in my head. 

There’s been a bit of organization happening with the stash, such as is it, in the last week or so.  I’m going through and pulling the stuff I don’t care for and either giving it away or biting the bullet and using it up for some random project or other.  Like a scarf for the tot or a headband for me.  In a shocking turn of events, cleaning out the stash was the perfect opportunity to head down to Hill Country Weavers and buy a couple of piles of yarn.  It’s for holiday presents.  Seriously.

This will be a shawl….

Here’s an incipient neck warmer…
This is for some squares for a baby blanket.
This may or may not be a baby kimono.
I can’t decide which to use for one of the owlets.

Here’s the headband/earmuffs.
(It’ll be so cool when I can make the tot take pictures of me.  I feel sure she’ll add a great deal of artistic flair.)

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SOOC… Sunday
Wordless “Wednesday”

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The shawl is finished.  Well, except for weaving in the ends and blocking.  Of course, that part for me at least is like that last footnote for a paper.  It should take no time at all and yet somehow I always wind up doing it with minutes to spare.  Here’s a pic my husband just snapped for me.  I’ll post the official one when I get it actually finished.  


On another note, I lost my mind and forgot to post the pattern for the scarf I did for Papa’s birthday.  I used a free Knit Picks pattern, the Seaman’s Scarf, which I found on Ravelry.  (Bless them.)  It took a bit over two skeins of  Galway Chunky from Plymouth Yarn.  I gave it to him tonight and he really liked it.  Mission accomplished.

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At the Park


Love Thursday, belated though it may be.

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What just happened?

I am so close to finishing the shawl. As in, 20 rows to go. One repeat of the pattern and the border. Easy peasy. No reason not to complete it. So, of course, I spent the last three days knitting a scarf for my dad’s birthday. It was a deadline! I’m seeing him this weekend! I had to! I’ve got plenty of time to finish the shawl.



If you’ll excuse me, I have some baby blanket squares to start.

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